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Installing f(x)BaS Creator

1. After you get the "fxBaS AUTO" application for MT5, run the application on non-default settings

2. Click the "Get Creator" button

This button will disappear by itself after the next procedure is continued.

3. After that will create a folder "f(x)BaS"

4. Inside the "f(x)BaS" folder there is a text file "f(x)BaS.rfx". This file only contains combinations of random numbers that are completely unrelated to your MT5 account, even if there are similarities it's just coincidence. If you are not sure, you can open this file with a plain text application such as "Notepad", then note its contents, then delete the file. Close fxBaS AUTO and repeat steps 1 and 2. Then open it again to see its contents and compare the contents of the first and second files, then you will see that the combination of numbers will be different.

This file will later be used by other applications, so please do not delete or modify it.

5. Download Installer f(x)BaS Creator

6. Next open the MT5 data folder

Copy "Installer f(x)BaS Creator" which you downloaded earlier to this folder. Then run the f(x)BaS Creator installer application.

7. Refresh the Expert Advisor MT5

You will see the addition of new algorithms, each with the names "f(x)BaS Tester (single)" and "f(x)BaS Tester (combined)". These two algorithms will later be used to test the algorithm you created with "f(x)BaS Creator"

f(x)BaS Creator on desktop

8. Fisrt Run f(x)BaS Creator

The first time "f(x)BaS Creator" is run, it will ask for a registration code. Send the text code listed on the contact number provided or email. This code is an encryption of the contents of the file "f(x)BaS.rfx" that you created earlier via "fxBaS AUTO".