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Volume Trend

The discussion of the volume trend is not much different from the price trend. The difference between the two is only in the value used, if in the price trend the input value is the price of the currency against its pair, while in the volume trend the value used is the volume of the currency pair's trading volume. What needs to be understood here is that there are two volume units used, namely tick volume and real volume. The two units of volume are very different. The next understanding is that the two units may be different for each broker server. It is different with the exchange rate, almost every broker has price uniformity.

So based on the information above, we should understand that trading algorithms will not always produce the same results for every broker. Therefore every Algorithm that we have has to be retested for different brokers that we may be trading with.


Trend Volume Input Variables.

How to use this filter is the same for the price trend section. Look at the Price Trend and Fibonacci Retracement section.


Trend Tick Volume