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Installing f(x)BaS Creator


Download the file "Installer f(x)BaS Creator" from the web site www.fxbas.com. If you don't have "fxBaS AUTO" algorithm, you can get it on the same web site, as shown in the image.


Run the algo "fxBas AUTO" by double-clicking.


Make sure "fxBaS AUTO" is not running at the default setting, change the default setting to false on the input tab.


If you did it right, a "Get Creator" button will appear. Click the button, then a confirmation message will appear.


This message informs you that a folder has been created, and that it contains the file "f(x)BaS.rfx". This file contains random combinations of numbers that only the "f(x)BaS Creator" application can understand. The combination of these numbers has absolutely nothing to do with your MT5 account. This method is used to protect the "fxBaS" application from unauthorized use. This is because the "Meta Quate Corp." absolutely does not allow the use of mt5 client account information. So this is certainly safe for you. Please note that before you can get "fxBaS AUTO", this software must go through the inspection of "Meta Quote Corp." to ensure safety for your use, and I agree with that.


After you agree to step 5, the "Get Creator" button will no longer appear.


Then select the "File" menu on your MT5, then go to the "Open Data Folder" menu, and click the menu.


Open the "MQL5" folder


Select the "Files" folder, and open the folder.


You'll find a folder called "f(x)BaS", as described in step 5. Inside the folder there is a text file "f(x)BaS.rfx" If you are curious about the contents of the file, you can open it with a plain text application such as "Notepad.exe". Do not delete or modify this file.


Copy the "Installer f(x)BaS Creator" file that you downloaded as in step 1, and paste it in the ".../MQL5/Files" folder as shown in the image.


Run "Installer f(x)Bas Creator" by double click or right click and select open menu.


Follow the instructions then click the next button


Check "Create a desktop shortcut" then click the next button.


After the installation process is complete, then click the "Finish" button. The "Installer f(x)BaS Creator" file will be deleted automatically.


Back in your MT5 application, right click "Expert" and select "Refresh" menu.


You will see an additional group on your mt5 "Expert", which is "f(x)BaS" and in it there are 2 new Algorithms.


On the other hand, on your desktop there is an application shortcut "f(x)BaS Creator".


The first time you run the "f(x)BaS Creator" application, you will be asked to enter a registration code. That is what is explained in steps 4 to 6. Click the "Copy Code" button and send the code via the links provided, as you can see on the form. Then wait a few moments, the registration code will be sent to you. After you get the registration code, enter it in the registration box. The "OK" button will activate, and you are ready to use the "f(x)BaS Creator" application. Thanks.