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Emergency Exit

In this software control is very concerned, why? The hope is that you will always be careful. But although caution is needed, we also hope to make big profits. So the solution is to control various situations. Although the saying goes "Low Risk Low Return and High Risk High Return", but the precautionary principle is number one. That's why we use Algorithms instead of Human Emotions.

Previously we have discussed about the filters that are prerequisites for opening a position. The same thing can actually happen when you want to close a position, because what happens in forex is the opposite event. In this case if we close the buy position then the sell position will be taken. This means that the best filters for long positions are the best filters for exiting short positions. For that the software is given a way for it. Indeed, it may not be very complete because of the many situations that may occur, which cannot be predicted in advance. But at least the reverse scenario of the previous situation can be created. The task of an emergency exit is to create a filter that is the opposite of a filter to open a position.

In the section we don't talk about filters anymore, we will discuss how to close positions when exit filters are found. Click the execute tab and the commands that will be executed when the exit filter is met will appear:

Close Order

In this section you can place orders and which orders are closed when the filter is fulfilled

  • Maximum Time :

    Here you can specify how long orders or positions are allowed. Units in minutes. So if a position has passed the time limit then the position can be closed, according to the "Close Order" command.

  • Position :

    Here requires whether the position is closed in case of loss or profit. Why is there no value for both? Of course to avoid conflict, because a position is definitely in one of these circumstances. For the record, if you still want the conditions as asked, then this section can be disabled. So the prerequisites are only time and filters.


Notifications are actually also in the "Entry Position" section, but we didn't cover that earlier. The notification system itself consists of two:

  • Alarm : The computer will make a sound if the filter is met.
  • Message : The computer will send a message, it can be through a message on the screen (Computer Alert), email and messages sent on your smartphone (Android/iOS).

Except "Alarm" and "Computer Alert", the other 2 have to go through separate settings. How to do the settings will not be discussed, you can read the instructions on the internet which have discussed a lot. Here only facilities are provided for that