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To use the f(x)BaS software, you must have sufficient knowledge base as follows:

First : Able and familiar with using "MetaTrader 5" software

"fxBaS AUTO" only works on MetaTrader version 5, previous versions are not supported.

Second: Having sufficient knowledge of reading charts, especially candlesticks.

If you did not previously understand how to read candlestick charts, you can learn it first through books or articles that are widely available on the internet. One good reference is www.candlesticker.com. With candlestick combinations you are capable enough to make a Trading Algorithm with this software.

Knowing the candlestick index on the chart

The position of the candlestick on the chart is one of the required input variables, in addition to the type of chart time frame used. The following is an illustrative image of the indexed candlestick position.

The lowest index number starts from the right


Even though only basic knowledge is not enough to make forex robot algorithm orders, but with knowledge of candlesticks in our experience it is enough to make a reliable forex robot. Please note that this software is based on the calculation of various variables, we try our best to prepare all variables that affect price movements. Of course, in this case, the basis for the calculation is price movement data whose patterns can be observed on the price chart. Therefore, it is highly recommended to save the command files carefully, because the difference in the value of the variable, even though it is small, can give a very large final result.