What is AUTO?


Amati (indonesian) equal Observe. This means, before you build your trading algorithm, then of course you need to make observations on the price chart. Patterns of rising and falling prices of a currency pair or commodity. Of course the object of observation could be price positions, volume, time of occurrence, price trends or other technical indicators.


Uji (indonesian) equal Testing. After you have done your observations carefully, and input your observation parameters into the f(x)BaS software, then you need to test the accuracy of these variables. Because drawing conclusions with only a few truths from observations is not worth. With this software you will be able to test several observations with different variables, or test other people's observations that you hear. It can also mean that you can create various trading algorithms.


The observation and testing process is complete, of course the next step is to apply your algorithm to the real trade. But please note that sometimes a trading algorithm is not always suitable for every situation, some situations are beyond mathematical calculations. To anticipate events like this, f(x)BaS can run the algorithm only once in the desired situation. To find out more about this problem you can look at some examples later.


Otomatis (indonesian) equal Automatic. If you have tested the algorithm on a wider range of data, and it is profitable. Of course it's best to run the algorithm automatically on a computer that works continuously, and wait for the benefits that you will get soon.